Becker Bearing Monitoring System

Becker Bearing Monitoring System

The Becker Bearing Monitoring System (BBMS) monitors wear on the rudder neck bearing by means of four wear sensors mounted in the neck bearing bush. Its sensors are worn out along with the bearing bush, thus enabling precise measurement of the neck bearing clearance to an accuracy of one millimetre. The neck bearing clearance measurement is transmitted to the processing unit (mounted in the steering gear room), which incorporates a panel to calibrate the system and display the values being monitored as well as the neck bearing wear history. Via the processing unit, the neck bearing clearances and measured values can be interfaced to any other monitoring and alarm system aboard the ship.

Continuous monitoring of the neck bearing enables better planning of servicing activities and furthermore supersedes periodical neck bearing inspections performed by divers. The bearing wear history enables the lifetime of the neck bearing to be predicted in advance. As a result, the replacement of the bearing bush can be scheduled in line with the docking intervals of the ship to minimise service costs and efforts.

The monitoring systems sensors’ robust and compact design withstand the harsh conditions inside the rudder structure and guarantee a long service life.

BBMS sensor positions in neck bearing bush, trunk equipped with BBMS.


  • Precise measurement of neck bearing wear
  • Measurement accuracy of one millimetre
  • Robust and compact sensor design for a long service life
  • Neck bearing wear history
  • Interface to alarm system available
  • TFT touch panel
  • Optimal planning of rudder service in line with docking intervals
  • BBMS measurement supersedes diver inspections of neck bearing bush


BBMS for optimised rudder service

Continuous measurement of the neck bearing clearance by BBMS enables a precise prediction as to when the neck bearing bush will be worn off. Such information is vital to schedule the neck bearing replacement in line with the docking intervals, optimising rudder service timing, minimising maintenance costs and assuring operational safety.



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