LNG PowerPac®

During layovers at port the power for container ships is currently being supplied by onboard auxiliary diesel engines using fuel oil (Marine Gas Oil, MGO). By doing so, ships account for the majority of harmful emissions at ports. With LNG PowerPacs® we are creating a modern, environmentally-friendly, safe and economical option for supplying power based on LNG to container ships during layovers at port.


The LNG PowerPac® is a compact unit the size of two 40-foot containers, intelligently combining a gas-powered generator with an output of 1.5 Megawatts and an LNG tank in a limited amount of space. Once a container ship is moored, the first thing is to place the LNG PowerPac® on board via the port terminal's locally available, standardised loading equipment (such as gantry cranes, ship-to-shore cranes, van carriers) to provide energy to the onboard power supply during the vessel's layover at port. Compared to operation of the ship's auxiliary engines, this represents a decisive reduction.


Above: Becker LNG PowerPac® handling chain.

Click here for a larger image.


Above: Illustration of a LNG PowerPac® on board of a container vessel.

Especially suited for:

  • Container feeders
  • Container liners
  • ConRo/RoRo
  • General Cargo Carriers/heavy lifters


  • Cold ironing customised for container ships
  • A flexible, independent on-board power supply
  • Significant reduction of harmful emissions
  • Quick implementation – usable at any port
  • 100% maritime solution
  • In line with energy laws – no state taxes, grid fees etc.
  • Suitable for all kinds of container terminal operations

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