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Newsletter No. 28

Content: "Becker Service Team: More than just delivering spares"; "Becker Mewis Duct®: six BP tankers to be equipped"; "LNG Hybrid Barge: year-around use guaranteed"

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Newsletter No. 27

Content: "Semi-spade rudder vs. full spade rudder – benefits of a Becker full spade KSR rudder compared to a conventional semi-spade design"; "Service: Rudder conversion for the Norwegian Epic"; "Signing ceremony: Memorandum of Understanding with ADNATCO-NGSCO"; "BMVI promotes LNG PowerPac®"

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Newsletter No. 26

Content: "New product: Twisted Trailing Edge Rudder – a reborn rudder design"; "LNG Hybrid Barge HUMMEL: first low-emission power supply to AIDAsol"; "LNG Hybrid Barge: an award-winning concept – Seatrade Cruise Award marks the fourth award for Hummel"; "Eyewitnessed: christening of UASC Barzan"; "Customer Satisfaction Survey"

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Newsletter No. 25

Content: "Manoeuvring with a twist: The Twisted Leading Edge Rudder"; "Know your force: Utilising rudder force with BIMS"; "Service: Rudder conversion for US push boats"; "Dutch royal couple on board the Hummel"

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Newsletter No. 24

Content: "Energy savings: Becker Performance Package – Rudder and energy-saving device combination for propulsion optimisation"; "Ready to launch: LNG Hybrid Barge – World ’s first floating power station for cruise ships close to completion"; "Green solution: Grease-free rudder operation – US Environmental Protection Agency grants Becker’s grease-free Rudder vessel general permit"; "Rudder conversion: Wallenius’ PCTC Mignon & Manon"; "State visit: Delegation attends MARINTEK"

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